Thanks for giving! We are almost at our goal 😉

Tickets have been bought and that was a relief. I am looking forward to spending time with our former pastors Rick & Ellen Coffin who now serve in India.

Conrad will be helping with the Worship Band traveling and teaching. My outline of duties is still being worked through as there is lots of ministry opportunity in Bangalore with Rick & Ellen.


Update India

Really quickly, if you are on here that means you received a letter from us or saw my FB post and I am very glad you checked this out!

We appreciate your prayers for our trip and if you feel led financially to give, we definitely appreciate that too!

As far as fund raising, we have about $800. We need $1800 more by tomorrow for tickets. I know some of that money will come from my paycheck (yay for payday!) and the rest will just come from somewhere … (somewhere Legal, of course 😉

Gotta run!