12 days to go!

It looks like we are on the home stretch!

The total cost of the trip per person is $2,122.00 that includes:

$1500 Air + Train
$600.00 in lodging

$22 for Insurance
But there are two of us so our costs are double.
So far we have raised…
We are almost at our goal of $4200! Oh happy day 😉
I am feeling pretty hopeful that things will really connect this last week.
Even when I heard Conrad say he had already used up his vacation time when he was sick last month so we will not be getting paid … OK, Lord! It’s show time!

Back Tracking

Here is the India Letter we drafted a few months ago- Just so you know where we came from!


We’re going to India!

 This spring, April and I are helping lead a 12 day, 3 city (Bangalore, Delhi, & Dehradun) missions trip to India.  March 24- April 9

The goal is to help train and equip the area Vineyard Churches in those cities with worship & prayer, along with ministering to women’s shelters, a leper colony, and an orphanage.

I (Conrad) will be on the Worship training team to help teach/lead bass and guitar. April will be on the prayer team and work with the ministries of the Mercy Vineyard, Bangalore – pastored by Rick & Ellen Coffin.

We have needs that fall into 3 categories.

1. Babysit Kayle and Rylynn

We need someone (and not just anyone) to take care of our precious children while we are away – they are staying back in the US. Grandma is also going with us to India.     Grandma has decided to wait on her turn to go to India and will watch the kids. This means she is also taking personal time off from work. Wow. What a blessing! Thanks mom!

This need has been met. (Thank you Jesus and thank you Ruth Fleet!!)

2. Funding

The total cost of the trip (airfare, lodging, travel between three cities and food) cost about $5,000. (now it looks like 4000) Would you please (pretty please with sugar on top) prayerfully consider if you should help us with funding?

We have $500 so far.  Now we have 3315!!

3. Prayer Support

This is a huge area. We need prayer for our trip – preparation, travel, executing, and safe return without any hiccups. We also need prayer for our kids. We’ve never been away from them at this distance and time scale. Pray that Kayle and Rylynn will have a peace and handle the “missing mommy and daddy” well. Also, pray for Ruth Fleet as she takes care of our kiddos.

There is no limit to this, we need all we can get. — We would really love for you to partner with us in Prayer and/or finances.

To help fund our mission trip to India with a tax deductible gift, you can either

a)    go online to http://www.vcommunity.org/#/donate and select “India Missions” from the drop down menu. Just fill out your info and you will get a receipt confirming the transaction.

b)   Send check or cash in the stamped envelope provided.

c) send us a note of encouragement in the envelope provided 🙂


Conrad and April