I’ve got to put this somewhere

For a moment, I envisioned myself as a successful writer — coffee cup in hand, headed over to the laptop to pound the keys with a witty short story or two.

In reality, I will settle for my “j-og”… which is a combo of journal/blogging since right now I am the only person reading this.

Anyhow, I am visualizing myself organized. Confident. Ready to take on the day. Ideas are swimming in my head and I have to put them somewhere or I will go crazy. Continue reading “I’ve got to put this somewhere”

My new obsession

Last month it was Pinterest. Well, Nov & December and into the beginning of January.. BUT NOW it is watching food prep videos. Yep. Meal planning videos usually done by those who are exercising or looking to keep food costs down and meal’s within health goals.



Detox City

A neighbor told me about Apple Cider Vinegar and how there are good benefits to gut health by just taking 1 TBSP daily. SO I did that for awhile. It was fine. Then I got out of the habit when I left the country… now I am back and found an “elixir” recipe on Pinterest.  Continue reading “Detox City”

The Treasure Hours

My nighttime habits have changed since returning from India. Thanks to a helpful start from Jet Lag. I used to watch TV at night with my husband because I wanted to spend time with him. He likes to just veg out for a moment after his buys day. I get that. But this year I want to try reading at night and going to bed early because I like getting up early before everyone. So I still have time with him. I just am a stickler about it. Because I want the treasure hours …

Continue reading “The Treasure Hours”

Take 5

I find that by just setting the timer for 5 minutes, I can tackle anything. From cleaning (check out Flylady.com) to just silence… 5 minutes is a good refresher or a good motivator.

I can do anything for 5 minutes, right?

During my quiet time today, the lesson was on struggles and not looking at them as “killjoys” but as a “thankful enhancer”. Looking beyond the place of struggles to the thankfulness (YouVersion Devotional Tenth Avenue North).

So I set the timer for 5 minutes to just ask God on what I am struggling with right now. And part of me started to try and invalidate my struggles which seem minuscule on a grand “World Hunger” scale. But you know what? You can’t discredit the life you are going through at the moment. So what came to my mind was how I struggle with organizing. My time. My finances. And especially my internal struggle with my desire to be more with my kids and what does that look like? There is a part of me that wants to home school them because I realize that they are only here with me for a short while and I want to maximize the most out of it. I don’t want to get to their 18th year when they look at the next step of their life and think “oh man, I missed it. I should have _______.”

Matthew 12:34 says “For out of the fullness (theoverflowthe superabundance) of the heart the mouth speaks.”

Superabundance. I like that word. I am thinking  I have a “superabundance” of internal struggle with how I feel and how I make decisions.

The Practical Part: I set my timer and started to envision my house as I walked in. A clean floor (hardwoods throughout – that would make my husband happy); Furniture nicely arranged in the living room – looking clean, cozy, comfortable (did I see a fire in the fireplace?). I started to just focus on the no-clutter of my visual exercise.  In this visual, the chaotic laundry pile of clothes from 3 days ago (clean, mind you) is not there).  I felt at peace. I could breath.

Reminds me of Andy Stanley’s series on Breathing Room.  That was a great series. Like all of his are 🙂

A little late to the party

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis in Jan 2008. I just found out I was pregnant (surprise!) and my thyroid levels were a bit off. So further trips to the endocrinologist confirmed Hashimoto’s. At the time, the impression I got from the doctor was “it’s common at your age. Many people get it. Just take a pill and all will be well.” Naive me said “ok.” At one of my next appointments  I inquired about “what foods to avoid/eat” Continue reading “A little late to the party”