Is anybody out there?

I often joke with my husband and friends –and especially myself— that spam is my biggest reader. In any case, this site is really for me to just pound out my thoughts on little black keys so they don’t cloud my head.

So I was thinking… there are many things I want to do right now. Try new recipes. Try new exercises, organize, etc.. but would blogging about them be beneficial to me or anyone else?

For example, should I blog for the next 30 days on Whole Food recipe testing using my family as guinea pigs? As in pick a cookbook and start diving in and take pics and report on it. Maybe a picture or two of my family with smiles of food enjoyment… or of them spitting out those recipes that don’t make the cut? Is this really something that I think people would be interested in? Or is  it just me. In any case, I don’t think I need to get caught up on that right now. I say just pick something passionate and go for it. The honest truth is that i am looking for a way to help myself to stay on course and finish something. So maybe if I blogged like people visited my site and actually gleaned a helpful nugget or two from it, then that would be the motivation I need.

In any case, I can pretend 🙂

I have a Big But

Sounds funny outloud, “I have a big But”.. because it sounds like I am referring to my backside. BUT, I am not. The inference is actually on things that hold me back. The “I want to do (enter something big here) with my life, BUT…”

It’s the BUT word that gets me. I have an intention to do something, BUT I am afraid. or nervous.  Or not emotionally ready. Or I don’t have what I think is required.

Most famous: I want to exercise, BUT…

Wait, I am sitting here typing and I have time to do something right now… BRB.

A girl after my own heart

This is my avocado, lemon water drinking girl. She surprised her dad when she asked him if she could have an avocado and eat it. He was aghast. He had no idea you could eat an avocado like that.