AIP living

I wanted to post that I am really not liking having to change my diet. The restrictions of the Autoimmune protocol are making me sad. Just wanted to get that out.

What I wish I knew 7 yrs ago

There are many things I wish I knew 7 yrs ago. I mean, things I knew were like “you are going to have a baby #2 in a few months” and “you have a Hypothyroidism… specifically Hashimoto’s.” And I knew I was tired. And sluggish. But I had baby #1 approaching his first year and wasn’t that the reason I was tired? And sluggish?

I knew the treatment plan was to see an Endocrinologist. So I did.

I knew the protocol was meds. So I took the meds.  Continue reading “What I wish I knew 7 yrs ago”