Armed and Dangerous

For the next 21 days, I think I will try this Pintrest exercise protocol for Arms. Now I love Pintrest as much as the next girl, but I don’t always DO the Pins 🙂 It is often used as an escape for me. Not necessarily from reality, but an escape to what I want to become my reality. I want great arms. Who doesn’t? Well, we all probably want great arms, but we don’t want to work for it. I fell into that category. Until about 15 minutes ago when I decided to try these arm exercises I pinned about a week ago. That’s not too much time for procrastination, right? Or a recovering procrastinator?

So I used my 10 lb weights and didn’t have the strength to finish with them on the Bent over Reverse Fly. Good grief! And I could only find 1 of my 5 lb weights (not blaming the kids…).

Anyhow, I did the exercise after my treadmill workout. Fat burning Mode 1. 20 minute. No change to speed at all this time 🙂 I feel awesome !

Then I went back to browse through other pins regarding Arms and toning and found this. Dang girl! A picture speaks a thousand words. So maybe I will get enough guts to start mine. It may help encourage me to finish 🙂


So there. I did it. Quite embarrassing to put a picture of my left arm on this. But knowing that only the faithful spammers and myself will browse this, I feel pretty ok about it.

If you are not spam, can you just let me know I’m not crazy by putting up this pots?

Times up

Why is it that every time I get energy to start a project, something inevitably gets in the way? I think it is a result of my lack of planning. Last night I had some downtime. So I thought I would take advantage and try to look up some recipes for this week. Mind you it was a half hour before I wanted to go to bed and the recipes I was looking up were in my AIP Bundle— downloaded on, of course, the computer. So I turn on the computer. But lo and behold I see the All-Star student achievers tickets I am supposed to order by 6/30. So I figure now is as good a time as any. Short story, 30 minutes later and I was frustrated because it wasn’t showing that it took off the price for the 2 complimentary tickets. Wasted time to me. And I hate wasting time. Time is a precious commodity. I need to learn how to maximize it. So instead of going to bed at the appropriate time, I figured I might as well look up some recipes. Which then became frustrating because now it was getting late and I was realizing that this activity is going to take longer than 30 minutes. Poor planning. That drives me crazy!

So I am back to where I started. Another day. Time is ticking away. I need to learn from this and just make my schedule. Bite the bullet!

I need a re-boot and a robot

Although I crave organization, my disorganized procrastinating side overrides most times. Don’t get me wrong, I actually hate procrastinating. But it is a choice. I fight myself on things all the time. I  weigh the level of completion before I enter into procrastination mode. Seriously. Trash on the street or in my yard, for example. I will just grab it. Now sometimes I will try to pretend like I don’t see it, but my conscience gets the better of me. Tidying up the house… if it’s an easy fix, I will do it. If it’s overwhelming, I put it off. I ask “is this something that will take less than 2 minutes to do?” And if so ,then I do it. Otherwise it’s seen to me as laziness. And I can NOT stand laziness. Detest lazy.

The bigger or harder the effort on something usually causes a push towards procrastination.

Or there is my good intentions vs lack of follow through. For example, my AIP diet that I started. I did ok on it. Until I did REALLY bad on it and gave up a week. Lack of follow through was caused because I procrastinated on reading through my wealth of eBooks I purchased through a discounted bundle. Ok.. let me pause for some inner reflection:

1. I am addicted to bundles. Good intentions. I really do want to go through my homemaking bundle to learn how to make life easier for me. I even started a few of the ideas presented. And enjoy them. It’s just making time to go through them. Procrastinating. Making time for them would totally benefit— no, BLESS actually— me but do I sit down and make time? And that AIP bundle I was referring to. Same thing. I guess it boils down to priorities. Boundaries.

2. I am addicted to exercise videos. I love them. But I have become a library, actually. Lending them out. Actually, that’s where most of them are now. Lent out. I am hoping they are still with my SIL. 🙂 Good intentions. I started them. Get halfway through. And then fizzle out. Never can I seem to make it to habit level. EXCEPT for my treadmill. And maybe because that was a bigger expense and I feel I need to exercise my cost off. But that is a lifesaver. I truly enjoy jumping on there and of course watching Netflix. How else would I have justified watching the entire 5 Seasons of Parenthood (most amazing show ever! God totally used that in my life for some inner reflection and healing. Honestly). Please hurry Season 6!

So anyhow, that is two off the top of my head. I did get upgraded to Paleo and to add nuts and nightshades from my last naturopath visit. But I have been testing coffee one day a week. And what I find is that I can’t fall asleep easily at night and I do feel a dull headache come on. Because I can’t drink coffee black, I have to add half and half at least. I totally miss creamer! That is the whole point of coffee for me. I started adding it one day a week because a) I am not supposed to really drink it and b) but I do want to enjoy life and that to me may be something I can look forward to in the week. Coffee— BUT not just any coffee. I have come to the conclusion that it has to be Batdorf & Bronson. French Press. Otherwise it’s not worth it.

So overall, I am learning about me in this healthy lifestyle journey. Making time for things one step at a time. My biggest time quest is for my kids. Strike while the iron is hot, right? (when they are young and want to hang out with mom and dad). That is of great importance to me. I want to establish that relationship more than anything. Well, of course next to my relationship with Jesus and then my husband. And that will wait until the next post.

Bottom line is, I need to re-boot my AIP diet because I felt the best on it. I need a robot to manage my chores. I actually love simple. And just getting those chores done on a regular basis. Like a robot. No emotions over what has to be done. Just do it.


Today is a new day

I have about 1 week left until my next appt with my naturopath. And the last appt didn’t go well because of my rebellion to eat bread. I was just testing what really happens when Hashimoto patient’s eat wheat. I am not against grain. At all. That is I am not on the bandwagon that is against eating bread — for those who have healthy guts. I love Sue Breadbecker’s teachings on bread. I believe in milling my own wheat for my family. I’ve seen benefits from changing from store bought.  I love home made bread! I just can’t eat it. Check out why here.

IMG_0754-1First time ever making a perfectly round loaf 🙂

So now I am trying to not eat the grains. Because of my health plan. But it is not easy. And therefore I am nervous about this upcoming visit. Because even though I have not been consuming bread at the rate I did the last time, I’ve still had a bite or two. And even that can cause flare ups and set me  back. My doc totally understood my rebellion. Even shared her own stories. Overall it’s not worth it to mess with your health. I get it. Still, its a battle. But one I believe I will overcome with knowledge. Not willpower. I just felt inadequate when it comes to what to eat. She did release me to upgrade to a Paleo diet. Still no wheat, corn or soy. But said nuts were ok and even nightshades (not on AIP).

Action Plan? I bought a bundle of AIP ebooks from when I first started and now I think I need to spend time just digesting them. 🙂  Pun intended.

Turn the corner

Sunday morning, I heard a soft whisper. “Hope is around the corner.” That truth filled my heart. I felt the Lord expound on that with “there is hope around the corner or there is fear. Which corner are you going to turn to. It’s a choice.” We all make choices. Every day. Hit the snooze or just get up. Pancakes or oatmeal.  Fried or grilled. Those are the easy choices. Obviously. Then there are the bigger ones. Discipline in your own life and how to discipline your children. Those are choices.

Your mental attitude. A choice. Be happy. Be mad. Sure, circumstances/life happens. And sometimes life throws you a curve ball. Continue reading “Turn the corner”

Water, Water Everywhere

I’ve read that you should drink half your body weight in water. Or you can just calculate 64 fl oz water + 1 oz per pound you want to lose. So I have been doing that. And then some.

I have actually just decided to drink out of a 32 oz mason Jar. Then see how many times I can refill it. I at least need 2 (basic 64 fl oz) + 1 bottle water.  But I try to go above and beyond and just do 3 jars. Oh, right. Then there was that bottle of water I drank while on the treadmill. Let’s just say  I pee a lot. How do I get my water in? Well,  JJ Virgin, author of The Virgin Diet, has a schedule I like.  This is what I did…

In the morning, I don’t really like warm/hot lemon water (as I have read is good for digestion and a great way to start the day), so I just do 1/2 TBS of Apple Cider Vinegar. Then I take one of my supplements. When I get on the treadmill, I have 1 or 2, 16.9 fl oz bottles of water for my cardio. Then I take the rest of my supplements with my 32 oz mason jar. That puts me a little of 48 fl oz by 7 am.

That’s a good start! Key for me is to finish water by 7 so I don’t wake up all through the night having to pee.


Life is better with worship

Listening to one of my new favorite worship artists Steffany Gretzinger and her new Album and i am totally blown away. The Undoing Album. All I can say is “Yes, Lord” and “More Lord.”

The beauty of her voice, her lyrics, her heart… captivating. Mesmerizing. Totally inspiring me to press in to the Lord. Hearing her story of the album and her natural dialogue with God makes my soul sing. It’s total freedom.

I love time with the Lord. I love being with Him. Pressing in to His love for me. Her genuine love for Her Maker is so tender and intimate and draws you in. It makes me want to see God move more in my own life. My own family.



I am still pretty irritated that I have to give up wheat. I love to mill my own wheat. Makes me feel “earthy.” I am praying that my Hashimotos diagnosis was either false or  that God will just heal it. Because the thought of living without bread makes me angry. Honestly. That is the basic staple for mankind. “Give us this day our daily bread.” “Fish and Loaves.” I make bread for my family and usually eat a slice or two because it is just so good.  Continue reading “My AIP”