Day 11, 12 & 13: Happy & Healthy

So my blogging every day isn’t going so well. And to save time and energy I am consolidating.
Day 11 was fun! I had my nieces and nephew over and we made cupcakes and watched our new Fave show Cupcake Wars. Day 12 we went to the pool.

The quick version is that day 12 & 13 were filled with my HAPPY! I had to do laundry at my mom’s house since my washer is broke (not happy) and that meant I got to start catching up on my beloved Parenthood Season 6!!!! Oh Happy Day!!! I missed that show. Such a good show!

Can’t wait to go to my mom’s for more laundry!


Day 10: Happy/Healthy

Only Day 10?? Man it feels like I have been doing this a bit longer…oh yeah. That’s right. I have. But I did some diet cheats (on purpose- for my sanity’s sake. Really). So I started over. Anyhow, what I am realizing is that my morning routine plays into my happy/healthy. I need to get up early, listen to worship music, read my bible, pray, and exercise. That routine is my life line. If I don’t get those in, the rest of the day seems crazy. So instead of beating myself up when I don’t get up early (because I’ve stayed up late the night before trying to get work hours in), I make sure I get even a few minutes of each of those in. That schedule keeps me grounded. And I know it will change soon once vacation starts. And then normal out when school starts.

My body craves those things. Hungers after them. And when I don’t do them, it’s like I have starved myself, or deprived myself of what my body needs most. That totally makes sense.

One of the things that has really helped me reflect on some of my struggles has been listening to one of my favorite bloggers who is doing a 5 day, 5 minute video series. The Confident Mom . Totally love her stuff and encouragement. I love her heart to coach women and mom’s. Her mini series has been inspirational at taking a look at how I am energizing myself for the day. Am I setting myself up to react or respond my children. Simple little nuggets of gold. Click HERE to sign up and hear what I am talking about!

Happy: Realizing that others have paved the way to organization and I can take baby steps to get there.

Healthy: See above. Mental health….ahhhhhh organization

Day 7,8,9 Happy/Healthy

I’m combining these three days for times sake. A) because I forgot to enter them when they happened and b) I need to move on with my day … It’s been a crazy week and I don’t like trying to play catch up blogging when I am pressed for time 🙂

But I will say that I am learning about how to mentally prep myself for the day. It seems that lately I have been battling a lot of fear. Fear of the unknown.

More on that in another post…but I wanted to just take time to comment that it’s late. I’m tired. I have had many thoughts come and go over what  should or should not do at this moment.

But like I said, I am tired. And I want to atleast journal this down:

Today was a great day. I took Kayle to White Water for a friend’s birthday party. It was really fun and I enjoyed watching Kayle interact with the other boys and I was excited to get to know the family a little more. I could see Kayle staying friends with him and it just made me happy 🙂

I am going to stop here because I will get incoherent in a few….


Day 6: Happy/Healthy

Omigoodness! Since I had to take the car in today, I decided to a) go early and b) walk the 2.2 miles back to my house. Well, walk/jog back. So I did!

It took me about 5 minutes to figure out I could actually combine both dropping off the car & getting my exercise in. That was processed during my shower. Yep. Could have skipped the shower because I took a 2nd shower when I got home. But nonetheless, I felt good about my decision and met my  apple watch exercise goal before 8:15 am!

So that made me happy to take that healthy approach 🙂 And being Saturday, my husband was home to watch the kids so I could go in to work for a little bit. Actually very productive!

We grilled burgers tonight. I of course had no bun. And no cheese. But it was still a great burger 🙂 And I ate fruit while my family ate the ice cream cookie sandwiches I made them. From the Pillsbury ready made dough – it pains me so.. I need to go to Breadbeckers for my wheat refill.

But the bottom line is I DID NOT CHEAT TODAY!!! I took my supplements and drank over 70 oz of water. WOOHOO!!!IMG_3439

Day 5: Happy/Healthy Friday Reflection –

My thoughts this morning drift to accomplishments. Yes. I actually started to review things that I have put in place and stuck with at some level of success.

I have implemented the clean sink- meaning I put all things in the dishwasher at night and first thing empty. This system has been going well. I picked up the tip from my home making bundle I purchased a few months back. Now, I have yet to really review all the books, but two tips from the free videos really struck a chord. How easy and “no brainer-y”.

1. Run the dishwasher at night and empty first thing in the morning so as to be ready for the “contents of the day”.

2. Laundry: one load from start to finish (that means put away!) before the next load is started. This is to avoid Laundry mountain. My tweak- an idea from Pinterest – is to get laundry baskets for each family member. When the clothes are done in the dryer, I separate each item and place it in the appropriate family member’s basket. Each a different color. Then that person takes his/her basket upstairs and puts it away. This has been the slow process. But the mountain has gone. I do have two baskets for sheets and towels which will be “responsibilities” for the kids on a weekly basis.

3. Meal prep- I give thought and time to this each day and it has been a stress reliever. No real huge epiphany here in this category. Just effort.

4. Intentional play with kids. Being present in the moment with them. It makes me the happiest to connect with my children.

So far, I can breathe. No more feeling suffocated by the daily responsibilities and wondering how to be supermom in them.

“Small things done in great love.” –Mother Teresa


Day 4: Happy/Healthy


I love this picture. I wanted to take a picture of Kayle with his creations but he didn’t want to be in the actual picture. So I had to work fast. And this is the money shot. Pretty good from my iPhone! This did not happen today…it was last week at the library before we went to the movies.

But this is my pic for today because it reminds me of the happy part of my day. Playing with my kids. Being able take them to the Library  and then get a frosty! The healthy part of my day was NOT EATING THE FROSTY!!!

Happy/healthy:  taking them to the pool and swimming with them. Tossing both kids one at a time into the pool. And jumping in the deep end. I love it! And i am thankful for it:)

Fast forward: Tomorrow is Friday. And my husband and I have kinda already talked about meals for the next two days…which is basically using stuff on hand. That makes me happy. Getting a head of the game in meal planning. Woohoo!

Day 3: Grace for the Happy/Healthy

I was doing well with the “no cheat” until I went to a meeting. And I prepped myself that there may be snacks and I was not to east any. But I saw these sweet potato chips. I love sweet potatoes. I tried one. Followed by 3 more. Then I read the bag that said they were corn tortilla and sweet potato chips. UGH. Read label first!!! So that night when I got home and saw there was some fried rice left, I ate it. Because I was mad at myself for eating the 3 sweet potato/corn tortilla chips with hummus. I was doing well the WHOLE DAY and then that bit.

I am still in my 4 week limit for healing before my doc appt. And I have a week of vacation in this set of 4 weeks. Yes I am worried I will just throw it away. But I need to mentally prepare now.

I wasn’t feeling well yesterday. I was tired a lot in the afternoon and I also felt like I had a cold. But upon reading about the effects a detox can have  things made more sense.

My happy: watching Dolphintales with my kids and playing with them in the pool and taking a 15 minute nap

My Healthy: Making stir fry veggies and choosing to eat well for 95% of the day. I know it’s not the same as 100% but that is where the grace falls in.

Tomorrow is a new start. I can get past this yucky feeling of the detox and keep pressing in.

Day 2: Happy/Healthy

My healthy— I did a little treadmill, and no arms. Why? Because I chose sleep in the morning and then had get ready to go to work early since the kids were with Grandma 🙂 Anyhow, I start to stress if I don’t think I will get my hours in at work and I thought my mom was going to have to leave early.

So the happy part was that I got to play with my kids and watch a movie and snuggle. And truth be told that’s probably the healthy too. I did make a Paleo apple crisp. It tasted ok. Sure. It’s no chocolate cake or cookie. But it will do. Especially if I get that almond milk “ice cream”. Maybe.


Day 1 of Happy Healthy: Take 2

Why take 2? Did I fall off the wagon already? Well, let me explain. Remember when I wanted to have my last cheat day of coffee and I had that cupcake instead? Ok, so yesterday I keep thinking how I didn’t have that cup of coffee and it kept playing over and over in my mind. So as I went to the store yesterday, I just kept going to Starbucks to use my gift card. And I am actually glad I did. Because I ended up really liking my iced white chocolate mocha with whipped cream on top! My stomach hurt later that evening, but I was glad I mentally got that out of the way. That ended up being the “happy” part of the day.

Now today I feel good and ready to “not cheat”. Since my appt will still be in time to heal, I feel like I got those few days to help me mentally prepare.

So today, I woke up ready to face the day. I had my apple cider vinegar and then my hot lemon water. I don’t know which is harder to swallow.

Yesterday I made  Beef & Butternut Stew from my fave AIP cookbook . It was AMAZING! And quite fun 🙂  That was the healthy part of yesterday.

Today’s healthy: Eating my stew, exercising, and a walk
Today’s happy: spending time with my husband. Weather permitting, I will combine the two 🙂

Day 1 of Happy/healthy: am i really doing this?

This morning I totally overslept. Not that I had anywhere to be. It’s Saturday. But still. I went to bed around 10:15. That is not too bad, but I like going to bed around 9. So I can get up early and start my day. Bible reading/blogging/exercise. The standard start up to the day. My Happy start to the morning.

But this morning, I woke up really tired. My back hurt for the first time in about 2 months. “Rest” is the first thought that popped into my head when I woke, so that’s why I went back to sleep. Until I got up and looked at the clock. 8:57!!! It’s an overcast, drizzly morning. A total favorite for a Saturday. There go the plans to mow the grass 🙂

I was thinking about my last cupcake yesterday. The one I got free from GiGi’s. It was really very tasty…but my stomach didn’t feel so good later. I want coffee. But I also want to try 4 solid weeks of healthy eating so I can have a good visit at my naturopath. Yesterday was supposed to be my last coffee day, but I ate a cupcake instead. And now I regret it.

While my husband had coffee, I had bone broth.

I made bone broth last night. Now I am waiting for it to cool so I can put it in the mason jars for later. Meal plan: Beef & Butternut stew. I have all but the beef.