Pre- Day 1. Mental Prep

You know, I like challenges that help start habits. I really do. They make me happy. But I don’t always follow through. And that makes me sad. BUT I thought I would list a few things that make me happy and do 1 each day for the next 21 days. Because I like to have a purpose to doing things. So let’s do some mental preparation.

I know I have done a post of things I like to do that make me happy. But for the sake of going forward, let me just add a few here:

Reading my fun book. Currently the new Kristin Hannah book; I want to organize my house/life; I like to make lists; balance my checkbook; look through magazines; work out; hang out with my husband and kids. I like to blog. I like to look through cookbooks and sometimes I like to make things from those cook books. Whole Foods/Trader Joe’s = Happy places. Barnes and Nobles— happy. Coffee makes me happy BUT I need to totally give that up for the next 5 weeks (until my next appt.) So I have 1 more day of play actually. I think I will have my last cup of coffee tomorrow. Make it a good one. Because if it’s not good coffee, it’s a waste of my time & health happiness.

So my mental prep is this: visualize me actually taking the next 21 days to do something that is a healthy/wholesome activity. And do it.

But how? Do I write my list out of things to do each day ahead of time? Now, this is the stressful part.

I think I may have to extend my mental prep time to a few days. Is that now procrastination? Then that’s just great. (my dripping sarcasm just dribbled down my chin).

Ok well here goes: spending quality time with my kids makes me happy; eating healthy/exercising; bible study/worship; getting my thoughts out of my head (journal/blog) —just to name a few. Let’s focus on one of these a day for the next 21 days.

For starters, today is the day I plan to just spend some time with my daughter. She wants to see Cinderella and it’s playing at the cheap theater which is conveniently by GiGi’s cupcakes. Although I am not supposed to eat cupcakes from Gigi (oh how wonderful the Wedding Cupcake is!), Gigi texted me that they missed me and put $3 on my Gigi account— which is basically a free cupcake. I don’t want to waste a FREE cupcake 🙂 So I will let her get the cupcake and I will have a bite. And that’s good enough for me. Today already marked my last official cheat day, my last day before I completely dive in to being clear conscience minded on my Paleo plan. Because a good cup of coffee makes me happy — but complete gut health makes me happier. Well, that is the mantra I will start tomorrow. July 4th.



If I could change one thing…

About my habits today… I will choose no ice cream. (No dairy, really). And also a healthy habit of taking the Green Smoothie Challenge. Now, this isn’t a big step for me because I have done green smoothies before. Even yesterday I did. But my healthy choice is to eat right for the next 5 weeks until my next naturopath appt. My last appt. wasn’t bad bad. It’s just that my cheat food group this time was with dairy. And even the little I had with the little affect on me was enough to cause the paradigm shift that “yep, this is a lifestyle choice. And it’s real.”

The cheat before that was with wheat— and that was B.A.D. My supplements stay the same, just increased. And I am hopeful for this next appt.

So taking out ice cream may be hard, but I think I may have to splurge with the almond milk ice cream. Dang that’s expensive!


Halfway there

Today starts July. The Summer is halfway over. Mixed emotions. Looking forward to the end of this month for our beach trip. But returning from the beach trip means back to school. Back to school means routine. I really do like routine. Well, when it comes to having to work.

But nonetheless (I love that word!) I do feel sad because I love all this free time with my children. Sure it’s stressful trying to put in hours at work to where they think you are actually doing your job. Every year I stress out about it. And I don’t care for that part. But it is teaching me about how to ask for help and how to manage my time.

Mixed emotions.