“Your day will come — guaranteed— when ….you will have everything you need to be successful and to fulfill your destiny.” “Anticipation is one of the great joys of life. It brings focus and creates desire.” (quotes from Noel Jones’s book “God’s Gonna Make you Laugh)

I need to pause and reflect right here. In light of the upcoming seasons, I feel a sense of panic in the decorating department. I also have noted that I have been afraid to decorate because:

a) I don’t have an eye for it
b) there is $ involved in it
c) once the season is over, you have to put everything away and that solidifies the fact that the season is indeed over. And a sense of sadness kicks in.

I feel God saying “it’s ok to enjoy life… to enjoy the seasons!” I mean, after all, he created us to live life abundantly!

So with the Christmas Season and Santa, I’m having trouble fully engaging in passing on this tradition because I didn’t want to “hype it up” and then boom, the realization of the truth of Santa. I didn’t want to seem like I was pulling the wool over my kids eyes. I don’t like how Santa steals the show (of Christmas)– or I perceive it like that. (I mean, it’s hard not to when Santa is in the Mall Nov 1st these days!)

But I think the truth is God is not “shaking in his boots” thinking he is going to get overthrown. He will always be in control. Always be God. Always be King. Always be on the Throne. He is not scared of losing his “title.” He holds his own.

So why not teach my kids how to anticipate something. How to “wait for it patiently.”

My question is this: how do I celebrate Santa and Jesus together this holiday season without feeling like a hypocrit?