“I know a guy…”

Instead of finishing my small treadmill routine (“cough, cough” on the routine word) I saw a message in my email regarding a new post from a friend from church. An update on his health. And it looks like no new awe inspiring wisdom or light on his condition at this point. He’s trying to figure out why he’s experiencing several weird issues. Lots of “humph. Beats me” medical verdicts.

I am frustrated for him.  And yet encouraged to keep fighting back on my own health issues. For me, I know what’s going on and I know the cause. And how to help it. Like countless other American’s, I have a thyroid condition. Hashimoto’s to be exact. And I know that food does play a big part on how I feel. How my body responds. But it is doggone hard to stay the course with food. Why? Well, that’s another blog. All this to say that I am encouraged to pick myself up and start doing what I know. To help my health. Step 1: finish treadmill time for today. Step 2: Pray for my friend.


“Give me a Revelation. Show me what to do.”

I’ve been singing Third Day’s “Revelationsince my friend Andrea and I saw (part of) them perform at Roswell Street this past Saturday.  “Give me a revelation, Show me what to do, ‘Cause I’ve been trying to find my way; I haven’t got a clue. Tell me should I stay here. Or do I need to Move. Give me a revelation; I’ve got nothing without you.”

This song should be on the playlist for our country.

In my own prayer time this morning asking God for a revelation, I was reminded of how I love Math. (Stay with me). Continue reading ““Give me a Revelation. Show me what to do.””

Dream weaver

This has always been hard for me. I am more of a concrete thinker who can’t see outside what is “in the now” (translation: “what is in the checkbook”). Challenged with being a visionary, I am really trying to work at it because I am married to one who has such vision I am questioning whether he is “on something”.

So for a moment, I found myself thinking “what if …..” (ok so I totally forgot what that idea was from the time I thought it and the time I thought to blog it so I wouldn’t forget. YIKES! Anyhow, the point I am trying to make is that “dreaming” is like trying on a jacket. Not the kind of dreaming where you can eat all the chocolate, cheese cake, pizza (etc.) you want and you don’t gain wait or totally shut down your immune system. That’s not realistic. And that is what I am. A realist. But I am learning that you can be a realist and a dreamer. It’s just called goal setting. And that. is. hard. for. me.

Back to the jacket. You put it on. One sleeve at a time. You check yourself out in the mirror. Check the arm length of the jacket to how it feels on your wrist. Check the mirror— different angle. See, it’s not so bad. But I didn’t know how to start. Actually I didn’t even know I didn’t know how to do this until I got married and my husband’s vision was so incredibly foreign to me (and he is actually foreign to me— he’s from India) that it felt like I was learning a new language. And completely frustrated. And argumentative. Fast forward to this moment and I feel like “I could do that” when I think about dreaming. Dreaming on purpose. Planning for the future. It just makes sense. I see how far I have gotten without a plan and am motivated to start living on purpose. Dreaming on purpose. Planning on purpose.

And p.s. the title – which is like that song from the 70’s (?) scares me.


Season of Lent

Yes- I am going to observe Lent this year. I’m a little nervous. Why? Well for starters, my past recollection of Lent was always to give up something (ice cream or bubble gum) and grumble and complain about it for the next 40 days. The disconnect was the reason behind Lent.  This was all way back in the days of semi practicing the Catholic faith—which I have a greater appreciation for as I get older. Although I am in the “non-denominational” denomination category. I digress.  Another reason I am nervous is that I feel like “what if I fail and I fall on my face!?!” Then you get back up and start over? I mean, really. What is the worst case scenario here.

This time, I want to add something instead of take away … meditation and yoga. “Can I do that?” Add something instead of take away? I asked my practicing Catholic Faith friend (and oldest friend of over 34 yrs mind you) and she was excited about it for me. I shared it with my neighbor, who pointed out that in adding those, I am actually taking out the noise (from life while engaging in those things). Hmm. Thanks friends!

The idea to dial down and get back to God’s voice and his promptings is what my inner being craves right now. I’m turning back all my library books (after I make a list so I can pick them back up at some point after Lent). You know how it goes. You hear about a book. And then put it on hold at the library. You hear about another one. You put that one on hold too. And basically they all come in at the same time and then you juggle your interests. So yeah. I’m going to put that on hold for Lent. Also, podcasts. I’m addicted. Realizing I am filling my every commute minute with these awesome nuggets of info… I have become obsessed and need to put the pause button on those too.

I mean, this new podcast discovery has been such an enjoyment. I LOVE the insight and the how-to’s. Ad-dict-ing. Podcasts are like crack to me. Or so I think. Needless to say, I am excited about this season of Lent. 🙂