Dear Diary, Day 1

“So many high hopes I had for myself by this age.” That is what I obviously just typed. But is it true? I don’t recall ever really sitting down and stating out life goals. Sure, my passion planner was a great tool that I used to start getting ideas on paper. A wonderful place to get excited about the possibility of mapping out my future.

But as all things seem to go for me, I stopped with the goal planning mid-Jan and just started listing out each day. Now, don’t get me wrong. That is exactly what you do in a planner. At the basic level that is. BUT the whole idea about planning is to learn how to take your dreams into goals and then into action steps. And there it is folks. The word I believe I ultimately have problems with. The word that perhaps is my demise for not fully engaging in the first line of this entry.


As a 9 (with a strong 6) on the Enneagram, (if you believe in that personality type of revealing – which I do), it’s only logical that I would have trouble with this idea of “dreaming.”

All this to say is that I came to this entry to honestly share that I have come to the conclusion that perhaps my dream if I dare use that word, of becoming a Writer, was really just a “blip” on my screen of life. Perhaps it really wasn’t a dream at all. “Mere longing?”

However, if my dream -my real desire for what I want to do with my life- was to really become a writer, then my daily action steps written in my planner would reflect that more. Don’t you think?


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Halfway through

Everyone has been counting down to Christmas since July, basically. And now we are halfway through November.

So, albeit Nov 16, it seems like Christmas is in full swing. And Thanksgiving is next week looking like “what am I? Chopped liver?” Well for my family, this year is THE YEAR for Thanksgiving. 26 is the number gathering around my mom’s table this year. Why? Because she houses my grandfather. The Patriarch of our clan.

And although it’s been one of the hardest years of my existence on this planet, it seems fitting to have the biggest Thanksgiving I’ve seen in a long while.┬áSee, this is what matters: Family; People. Recognizing all the wonderful things God has given me in my life. And it starts with the 26 people gathering around the table next week.

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