Day 10: Happy/Healthy

Only Day 10?? Man it feels like I have been doing this a bit longer…oh yeah. That’s right. I have. But I did some diet cheats (on purpose- for my sanity’s sake. Really). So I started over. Anyhow, what I am realizing is that my morning routine plays into my happy/healthy. I need to get up early, listen to worship music, read my bible, pray, and exercise. That routine is my life line. If I don’t get those in, the rest of the day seems crazy. So instead of beating myself up when I don’t get up early (because I’ve stayed up late the night before trying to get work hours in), I make sure I get even a few minutes of each of those in. That schedule keeps me grounded. And I know it will change soon once vacation starts. And then normal out when school starts.

My body craves those things. Hungers after them. And when I don’t do them, it’s like I have starved myself, or deprived myself of what my body needs most. That totally makes sense.

One of the things that has really helped me reflect on some of my struggles has been listening to one of my favorite bloggers who is doing a 5 day, 5 minute video series. The Confident Mom . Totally love her stuff and encouragement. I love her heart to coach women and mom’s. Her mini series has been inspirational at taking a look at how I am energizing myself for the day. Am I setting myself up to react or respond my children. Simple little nuggets of gold. Click HERE to sign up and hear what I am talking about!

Happy: Realizing that others have paved the way to organization and I can take baby steps to get there.

Healthy: See above. Mental health….ahhhhhh organization

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