Day 3: Grace for the Happy/Healthy

I was doing well with the “no cheat” until I went to a meeting. And I prepped myself that there may be snacks and I was not to east any. But I saw these sweet potato chips. I love sweet potatoes. I tried one. Followed by 3 more. Then I read the bag that said they were corn tortilla and sweet potato chips. UGH. Read label first!!! So that night when I got home and saw there was some fried rice left, I ate it. Because I was mad at myself for eating the 3 sweet potato/corn tortilla chips with hummus. I was doing well the WHOLE DAY and then that bit.

I am still in my 4 week limit for healing before my doc appt. And I have a week of vacation in this set of 4 weeks. Yes I am worried I will just throw it away. But I need to mentally prepare now.

I wasn’t feeling well yesterday. I was tired a lot in the afternoon and I also felt like I had a cold. But upon reading about the effects a detox can have  things made more sense.

My happy: watching Dolphintales with my kids and playing with them in the pool and taking a 15 minute nap

My Healthy: Making stir fry veggies and choosing to eat well for 95% of the day. I know it’s not the same as 100% but that is where the grace falls in.

Tomorrow is a new start. I can get past this yucky feeling of the detox and keep pressing in.

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