What I want to be when I grow up – A week in the life of my dreams

About a year ago this idea came to me: “If I had a week – 7 days- and I could incorporate a different job each day, what would my week look like?” Wouldn’t this be fun to ask others as sort of a jumping off point to see what’s in their hearts?

Think about that. I can safely rule out Astronaut because I get big time motion sickness over little things these days. Gone are the days of a tight equilibrium. I think equilibrium changes much like the bladder after pregnancy. (Jumping on a trampline is different now—but whatever. Not the point).

Anyhow, back to the topic at hand: Take my “dream week,” for example…

Sunday: I’m reading a book. Relaxing with family – not working of course. It’s the Sabbath day 😉

Monday: Children’s book Author. Stage: My computer, notebook, pen, coffee — all around me on a clean desk. Or better yet, I visualize myself curled up in a blanket (it’s winter) on a sofa, with my computer on my lap, pounding out the next best seller for children’s fiction. I’ve got my dog (which I actually do not have) by my side. My husband is working in his home office, the kids are working indepedently on school or inventing or drawing or writing.. (Hey Self!- this is my week.. does it matter where I place the kids in my pretend week? Focus!)

Tuesday: Book Editor. I’m curled up on my sofa (blanket, coffee, yada yada) highlighters and pens in my lap, the latest book I’m editing…because I want an excuse to read books for a living and apparently I don’t know what an editor looks like or what the job entails aside from reading. And editing said book.

Wednesday: Florist. I’m behind a counter with a beautiful assortment of flowers and ferns and I’m in the zone as I create an expression of hope and encouragement from one person to another.  OR I’ve always thought it would be fun to actually  deliver a flower arrangement to someone. Just to be the vehicle (pun intended) for brightening someone’s day.

Thursday: Podcast day. This is where my friend/neighbor and I interview someone for our show and give incredible insights and encouragement to mom’s everywhere. And drink tea.

Friday: For kicks, lets say I work at a Park and Rec center and help organize fun projects for the community.

Saturday – running out of steam at this point so lets just say on this day I catch up on cleaning and Pinterest projects 🙂

Actually, this assignment turned out to be harder than I thought. Sometimes it was easier to think of things I did not want to do (even in pretend world). Example: painter, pastry chef, CPA

MORE POWER TO individuals called to above stated professions.

That is the beauty of life. We each bring something “to the table.” It’s fun to dream or think outside the box. And it’s fun to go back to safety zones from time to time as well. Food for thought.

What does your week look like?

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