Detox City

A neighbor told me about Apple Cider Vinegar and how there are good benefits to gut health by just taking 1 TBSP daily. SO I did that for awhile. It was fine. Then I got out of the habit when I left the country… now I am back and found an “elixir” recipe on Pinterest.  Continue reading “Detox City”

A little late to the party

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis in Jan 2008. I just found out I was pregnant (surprise!) and my thyroid levels were a bit off. So further trips to the endocrinologist confirmed Hashimoto’s. At the time, the impression I got from the doctor was “it’s common at your age. Many people get it. Just take a pill and all will be well.” Naive me said “ok.” At one of my next appointments  I inquired about “what foods to avoid/eat” Continue reading “A little late to the party”

It’s about Time

30 days. The amount of time in days that Whole30 suggests you go cold turkey and give up your  glutton way of eating (the “glutton” addition is mine).  Just make a decision right now to stop trying to fuel your body with unhealthy stuff and turn towards what will really give it energy.

I think being in my 40’s means I want to a) get fit so that my 60+ are easier and b) fit in with who I am.

So what is stopping me from going “all in” with making a health change? Laziness? Procrastination? Fear?

I am a junkie.

An exercise DVD junkie. It’s like I collect DVD’s and start a routine or two. I might even make it two weeks…but then I slip back into my old habit of making excuses.

My latest craving? Borrowed P90X from a friend. I sorta started it. I like it. Don’t get me wrong. It’s just finding time to be serious about it. Blocking out the time.

I’ve also realized that life happens. In Seasons. And this is the season that I may not have a block of 1 hr exercise increments. I’ll need to get creative. But I want to set myself up for a win. So I just do about 15-30 minutes. It’s a start. 🙂