Plan your work and work your plan and all is well with your soul

Planning. It’s my new passion. And I have a Passion Planner to prove it! You know the old saying “plan your work and work your plan”? It totally swims around my head on a daily basis. My happy place is my planner along side my pens, highlighters and of course, my journal. First of all, that is where the magic happens. From my head to the paper. If it stays in my head, it gets forgotten. Lost. Continue reading “Plan your work and work your plan and all is well with your soul”

Here’s to the New Year!

I LOVE thinking about the New Year! A fresh, spanking, new year. Full of exciting possibilities. Hopes. Dreams. (Squeal). I LOVE thinking about the fact that a new year is like a whole big Do Over. I know technically I can have a “Do Over” at any time, but this just seems like the most obvious way.

So ideas for 2017? Well, the whole “Give it a Rest” thing worked so well in 2016 that I would like to carry that into the new year. I was thinking that I want to bring back my “Pinterest Self Challenge” that I toyed with at some point last year. Or was it the year before? I digress. Anyhoo- I figure given my mentally deranged love for Pinterest -which has totally been like a friend helping me through some emotional times–I could look at it like this: I pick a category I’ve created. And maybe over the course of a month, I totally dive into that category and actually visit those links and read them and take notes to apply to my life– much like the challenges in the book “Loving My Actual Life” by Alexandra Kuykendall. Totally check it out!

For example, I have a category called “Family” and I have been pinning ideas for how to talk to kids about chores, God, self esteem, sex, etc… just a conglomerate of helpful things I want to ponder in the new year. Since I obviously desire fermenting a wonderful relationship with my family, it seems like a great place to start. These guys are the ones who make it all worth while. Gifts God specifically has given to me. So there you have it. Pick a category, one month at a time. See what works/what doesn’t and make good habits. Then the next month, continue with what worked with the previous one and add another category. That’s kinda the gist of the LMAL book.


My brain thinks faster than I write. And type. Most days.

My brain thinks faster than I physically write. And faster than my fingers can type. Both are frustrating. I feel like I slow myself down in both areas. One, I can’t keep up and then forget what it is I was tryint to say. The other is .. for example, the typo I just left behind ON PURPOSE to demonstrate the 2nd part. Thinking faster than fingers can correct. And faster than autocorrect can figure out

Anyhow… ever since I have been reading the book Loving my actual life: An experiment in relishing what’s in front of me by Alexandra Kuykendall  I see almost everything I do as one of those experiments.

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“Your day will come — guaranteed— when ….you will have everything you need to be successful and to fulfill your destiny.” “Anticipation is one of the great joys of life. It brings focus and creates desire.” (quotes from Noel Jones’s book “God’s Gonna Make you Laugh)

I need to pause and reflect right here. In light of the upcoming seasons, I feel a sense of panic in the decorating department. I also have noted that I have been afraid to decorate because:

a) I don’t have an eye for it
b) there is $ involved in it
c) once the season is over, you have to put everything away and that solidifies the fact that the season is indeed over. And a sense of sadness kicks in.

I feel God saying “it’s ok to enjoy life… to enjoy the seasons!” I mean, after all, he created us to live life abundantly!

So with the Christmas Season and Santa, I’m having trouble fully engaging in passing on this tradition because I didn’t want to “hype it up” and then boom, the realization of the truth of Santa. I didn’t want to seem like I was pulling the wool over my kids eyes. I don’t like how Santa steals the show (of Christmas)– or I perceive it like that. (I mean, it’s hard not to when Santa is in the Mall Nov 1st these days!)

But I think the truth is God is not “shaking in his boots” thinking he is going to get overthrown. He will always be in control. Always be God. Always be King. Always be on the Throne. He is not scared of losing his “title.” He holds his own.

So why not teach my kids how to anticipate something. How to “wait for it patiently.”

My question is this: how do I celebrate Santa and Jesus together this holiday season without feeling like a hypocrit?



Dream a little dream

You know what thought occurred to me while I was cleaning up the kitchen just now? The thought that I should pretend I am a high volume blogger with actual readers. Why? Well, why not?! I mean, I kinda got excited about my little pretend game. “Why not pretend that I actually have a blog that people read. Why not pretend that my site makes people happy and give them a little ray of hope for their day. A laugh. A nugget of truth.”

It’s part of my learning how to dream. My husband will tell you that I have a hard time with this. A hard time with hypothetical  I am so focused on the reality. For example, when he gets it in his head “we should rent a cabin” and he is kinda brainstorming and just throwing it out there for a fun ‘what if’ kind of scenario. And then I squash it (really not intentional— it’s just a gift I have) with my reality comment of “oh but we did’t budget that out.” Or some other token phrase of mine.

What is the “dream big” concept that you speak of?  What should I dream of?

In the current book I am reading Wild Goose Chase by Mark Batterson, he is talking about the Holy Spirit as the “Wild Goose” and following him is kinda like a wild goose chase (spoiler alert!- kidding). And sometimes we just gotta step out in faith on things.  There is a time to pray and there is a time to act in response to how you feel the Holy Spirit is leading you.

Something else I read recently left me with the take away that when you dream, it kind of helps the mind get used to the idea. So that when something awesome happens in your life like what you dreamed, you mind sees it as normal. Anyhow, this is what I am learning now. I am acting like I really am an organized person. I am really acting like I am a blogger… acting. …trying it out.

What makes you happy? What makes you want to keep going? Sometimes it is hard to sit down and be still for the answers. But no more fear. I want to hear from God what really is my passion.

Lead on Goose!

Turn the corner

Sunday morning, I heard a soft whisper. “Hope is around the corner.” That truth filled my heart. I felt the Lord expound on that with “there is hope around the corner or there is fear. Which corner are you going to turn to. It’s a choice.” We all make choices. Every day. Hit the snooze or just get up. Pancakes or oatmeal.  Fried or grilled. Those are the easy choices. Obviously. Then there are the bigger ones. Discipline in your own life and how to discipline your children. Those are choices.

Your mental attitude. A choice. Be happy. Be mad. Sure, circumstances/life happens. And sometimes life throws you a curve ball. Continue reading “Turn the corner”