Ode to Joy

What brings you joy? Just name like 3 things that bring some level of happiness to your life. Go. Anything coming to your mind?

Well… share them if you will. Because I am going to share mine. For starters, Pinterest. It brings me joy. When “Pintresting” first materialized, I avoided it. Like the plague.

But I am ADDICTED. Continue reading “Ode to Joy”

Armed and Dangerous

For the next 21 days, I think I will try this Pintrest exercise protocol for Arms. Now I love Pintrest as much as the next girl, but I don’t always DO the Pins 🙂 It is often used as an escape for me. Not necessarily from reality, but an escape to what I want to become my reality. I want great arms. Who doesn’t? Well, we all probably want great arms, but we don’t want to work for it. I fell into that category. Until about 15 minutes ago when I decided to try these arm exercises I pinned about a week ago. That’s not too much time for procrastination, right? Or a recovering procrastinator?

So I used my 10 lb weights and didn’t have the strength to finish with them on the Bent over Reverse Fly. Good grief! And I could only find 1 of my 5 lb weights (not blaming the kids…).

Anyhow, I did the exercise after my treadmill workout. Fat burning Mode 1. 20 minute. No change to speed at all this time 🙂 I feel awesome !

Then I went back to browse through other pins regarding Arms and toning and found this. Dang girl! A picture speaks a thousand words. So maybe I will get enough guts to start mine. It may help encourage me to finish 🙂


So there. I did it. Quite embarrassing to put a picture of my left arm on this. But knowing that only the faithful spammers and myself will browse this, I feel pretty ok about it.

If you are not spam, can you just let me know I’m not crazy by putting up this pots?