Before I forget…


Dear Diary,

Today I thought it would be nice to blog about a few things I want to blog about πŸ™‚

For starters, it would be nice to document some changes I would like to make:

ex: family.

No. Not change my family. (Rumor is you can’t, really). But I want to change things that we do. Namely how we eat. Play. Sleep.

Eat: I want to incorporate eating healthy. Rather, I want to incorporate what I THINK is healthy into our eating habits. Take the “Picky Eater’s Project”– a documentary-ish show on how one family is making changes…conveniently followed by Food Network. I want to watch those videos, make small changes, document progress or setbacks here. That way I may be more motivated to stick with it. maybe

Play: family game time. Family exercise time. We already do family date nights… but I want to instill the value of exercising mind and body.

Sleep: I’d like to honor my body with the 8 hrs it needs (read: stop FB surfing right before bed). Β Or teach my kids how to rest daily and how to observe the sabbath.

Prayer:Β Add praying for someone at dinner. Light a candle for them and say a prayer. We did that twice. I actually heard from another friend who lights candles for people during her prayer time. I like it! Reminds me of my catholic roots. I like that.

Now it is time to play…

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