I’ve got to put this somewhere

For a moment, I envisioned myself as a successful writer — coffee cup in hand, headed over to the laptop to pound the keys with a witty short story or two.

In reality, I will settle for my “j-og”… which is a combo of journal/blogging since right now I am the only person reading this.

Anyhow, I am visualizing myself organized. Confident. Ready to take on the day. Ideas are swimming in my head and I have to put them somewhere or I will go crazy.

Clean- I want to eat clean and have my house clean. These two things have been plaguing my brain. Oh, and then of course there are the kids. I want to be there for them and give them meaningful stimulation and help them grow.

Maybe I should buy a dart board, stick up some ideas, and then aim. May the best idea be penetrated by the dart…and therefore the next step in what I tackle.

I’m semi-bummed because I registered my Chick-fil-a card last week and now I need to use it by tomorrow since that is the month’s end.

I kinda want to go to a Super Bowl  party because I want to watch commercials and eat amazing dips.

I need to enter the dates on the calendar for work.

I need to buy a year-at-a-glance calendar for home life and sit down and plan with my husband.

I need to have my quiet time.

I need to go to Home Depot and buy Plumber’s Putty.

I need to go to the bank.

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