Celebrating Birthdays

Celebrating birthdays for our family means taking the week leading up to the actual birth day and giving little special gifts/attention to the birthday person. My husband started this. So for example, my daughter turns 8 on Sunday. So this week, my husband brought home a special chocolate one day, a stuffed animal the next (husband, have you seen the other 56 “stuffies” she has?), a rose on another day, and one day she and I went to the movies…and had popcorn and a drink (big treat). Then after mommy/daughter date, we went to Kohl’s and got a dress and a necklace (and since I was there, I picked up some new dish towels on sale!). The dress shoe selection for her was slim to none so we went to another store to complete the ensemble. Done. Birthday outfit complete!  Oh yes. Pizza, Sprite and Gigi’s cupcakes to top the day off.

Today we are having the family over because my aunt, uncle, and cousin will be in from Ohio on their way to Disney (take me with you!). So there will be cake and decorations and a celebration for both my daughter and niece who’s birthday is the day after.

And then there is tomorrow. Which is her actual birthday. And we have a family day planned for that. Starting at breakfast. There is a list of fun things to do and I look forward to making sure she feels super special on her super special day.

I enjoyed the one-on-one time with her yesterday and I look forward to making more memories with her for many more birthdays. She is a sweetie pie. Has a big heart. Loves to draw, dance, sing and is always cracking us up with jokes, silly faces, and expressions.

My girl. My treasure. My gift from God.



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