I would hate to have to hate you

So… back in January, I accompanied my son’s class on a field trip to the Tellus Museum. It was on said trip as a driver that I met my chaperone. The mom of the new kid. She seemed nice. Conversation was easy. We chatted about where they moved from and what she did.

“I’m a food blogger,” she said.

“Oh really? That is so cool.” I was intrigued. Wondering just what kind of things she had on her site.

We chatted more about milling our own wheat to make bread, essential oils, and Breadbeckers and I bored her with my failed attempts to get back on track with my AIP diet and my visits to my naturopath. (She was polite— seemingly interested). Anyhow, it wasn’t until after we parked, met our tour guide and set off to trail behind the kids that I turned to her and asked: “so what’s your website?”

Don’t Waste the Crumbs” she replied nonchalantly.

I stopped. Dead in my tracks. Mouth dropped to the floor.

No lie- I had been following this website since early summer 2015.  I really loved the site and would get super excited while reading things and thinking “gosh I wish I could be like her!” Now, her she was. IN THE FLESH! I told her that I was already a follower and familiar with the site.  Gawking, I mustered up “you’re the one who did a ‘no spend’ month, right?”


“And you have printouts for how to inventory your pantry and refrigerator?”


Wow. I was flabbergasted. To me, she is a CELEBRITY!

So the ride back to school was more chatting and laughing and bewilderment (on my part).

Fast forward to this month and I was reading through some of the recent blogs about how when they ran out of budgeted food money, they would go through the cupboards and just eat from what they had– making up tremendous meals along the way. And how they decided to fast when the money and food ran out. Positive energy from the site. Happy and bubbly — an all around interesting and a thought provoking blog. But I kept thinking to myself “I have to hate you now.” Because I couldn’t see myself and my family eating happy, wholesome meals like them. I pictured my kids throwing veggies at me. Picket signs in place. Organizing a shut in. And my husband gorging on Indian meals. (Hi honey! If you are reading, I am just adding this for laughs. I love you and am totally happy that you eat Indian food).

I pictured her family (and since I know what her kids look like, it was easy to envision) sitting around the dinner table, smiles plastered on their cute little faces as they sat perfectly still eating home made bread, kale, broccoli, carrots, collards, and cucumbers dipped in hummus while chugging down iced water. Never once complaining about what was on their plate or asking for a different meal. Or saying “I’m tired of eating healthy” when all you did was put one piece of asparagus on his plate amongst the sweet potato fries and hamburger.) All the while, fighting the urge to “have to hate her.” Which we all know is just straight up jealousy rearing its ugly head.

Confused at how to feel – hopeful vs. discouraged, I decided to close the blog and walk away. I pictured her and her husband sitting down at the table later that evening to chat about the budget and menu planning and smiling and laughing in total agreement over what to spend and where to spend it. What to save and how to keep out of debt. Muffling cries of despair and shuffling back to the computer, I opened up Excel to find my March Tracking Spreadsheet besides Everydollar.com. I entered my spending items and shook my head watching the red numbers.

I really do like my new friend. She has mentioned she had a great time on the ride to the museum and even wants to have my family over after they’ve settled into their new place. I am thankful for my new friend and have given her some space because I honestly just want to pick her brain. And shadow her. Basking in the knowledge of how to achieve such blog status.

But I refrain (for fear or a restraining order). I’ve kept a distance as if to say “I acknowledge your space.” Don’t want to seem to “friend needy.”

She has a great site to help people to reclaim the family dinner table and the family budget.

If you get a chance. totally check out her site “Don’t Waste the Crumbs.” It’s easy to read. She has videos and lots of tips. Subscribe to it. Tell her I sent you. Not that it will do anything …. but just let her know how you found her (aka put in a good word for me! kidding).


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