Happy Healthy 5/21

I’ve decided to focus on the things I have done “right” in the day. Instead of ways I have messed up. Usually I wear the mess ups like a cloak of ashes over me as in mourning. But no more. The healthy way to approach it would be to encourage myself in what I did that was positive. The “win.” Sure, I can acknowledge the way I didn’t handle the day correctly- for like a minute so that I learn to move on from that and turn it around.

Instead of asking “why didn’t I spend more time with my kids” or “why didn’t I accomplish any of my chores yesterday?” I am going to reflect on the time I did spend with my kids and ask “how can I improve on that for tomorrow? What new game can I play with them? What is their style of play?” And as for chores, I just look at my list and pick  a few and ask for help.

Happy/Healthy nugget for today: Remind yourself that you are trying. You are working at gaining control of your life. One step at a time.

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