Happy/Healthy Day 4/21

You know, now that I think about it… 21 days of happy doesn’t need to be consecutive. I could have just picked up where I left off! But there is something about 21 and habit forming, right?

So yesterday’s Happy/Healthy was starting to listen to Andy Stanley’s sermon from 8/16 on What Makes You Happy. 

It’s worth a “stop reading this and go there now”.

I won’t lie to you. Sometimes I feel stressed to figure out “what makes me happy.” I am afraid I will miss it. Weird, I know. But lately, I have been battling with “how much time do I need to spend with my kids so that they have a happy/healthy childhood.” And sometimes I get focused on “how can I make it through the day in one piece.”

What I am realize that makes me happy is getting in front of God every morning and asking him to plan my day and help me stay in his will. I don’t want to get out of his plan. I know I do. I get it wrong. A lot. But thankfully the Holy Spirit nudges me to get “back in the game.”

I think I have mentioned Proverbs 31 ministries and my daily email prods I get to read a little 5 minute encouraging blog. Today’s post is called How to Live a Satisfied Life by
SARAH MAE and it totally struck me. She writes: ” Every day I get the opportunity to start new. Every day I can begin again. Maybe I missed it yesterday. Maybe I got too busy or I got sucked into Facebook, or I just didn’t want to play with my kids. Those are the moments that keep me up at night. Those are the moments I need God’s grace to cover me so I can start over. I need His help every day.”

Take yesterday, for example. I prayed on my way to pick up the kids that the Lord would give me energy and grace to pick them up and “be” with them. We had a little car conversation. Rylynn needed to go potty REALLY BAD so we conveniently stopped at Dunkin Donuts. Had a nice little chat. They were very talkative and happy. I let them plan how the order of phone time and homework went because I knew there wasn’t a lot and I want them to learn how to make choices within safe boundaries. So they opted – of course- for phone time first. I was a little glad because I wanted to just wind down with some decaf and mindless Pinterest or a book or whatever. So we did homework and played for a moment out in the rain. Then it was time to make dinner. And they played happily. But there was a longing inside of me that wanted to play more. But I had run out of time – according to my schedule. Then my husband comes home and takes them one by one on a little car ride to talk about their day. And there was a little jealousy in me of “he’s the better parent today.” And most days because he thinks of things like tickle games and chase to play with them. And yes, I realize that while I want him to be that kind of involved dad, there is a little jealousy. Do I feel challenged? Is this a “game?” Is there a formula like “X amount of time daily with kids = healthy/happy kids” and that somehow translates to a “well done my good and faithful servant- you were a great parent” award?

I think in that last paragraph lies one of my deep rooted “what makes me happy.” Being a parent who connects with her children. I want the relationship with them when they are older. Which means that there needs to be a healthy dose of investment now. I get it. That’s my priority. Help me Jesus to get filled daily with you. Help me to be the kind of parent You have designed me to be. Help me not to worry that I will mess up. But rather, help me not to worry when I mess up. Help me to take it to you.

What makes YOU happy?

Find it and go get your happy on!

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