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As the story goes, there was a man living long ago in a land desperate for rain. You can imagine the grumpy attitudes. Throats parched. Land scorched. But what happens when a God fearing man named Honi kneels down and draws a circle and shouts prayers to the heavens that he is not moving until they see a torrential downpour? Nothing. At first.

But then.

Drop…drop…drop. Honi is not satisfied. He continues to ask the Lord for more rain. And then the down pouring comes. Filling the cisterns and quenching the crops, the people begin to shout for joy and dance and praise God!

Actually, that is how I remember the story Mark Batterson, a D.C. pastor and author of one of my favorite books (The Circle Maker), wrote. The encouragement is to circle your prayers and keep praying until you see a breakthrough. Walk around the city of Jericho 7 times before the trumpet blasts and the walls come down. Pray and keep praying! I love this!

Confession time: it has been a while since I have really circled my prayers. I have a journal to prove it. There are circles of prayers and dates written along side those circles when God answered. Some don’t have dates on them…yet. Somewhere along the way, I have gotten off track. (How can you get “off track” when it’s a circle? Seriously!) There has been some dust and distance between me and those circles; and I am feeling the dryness.

But today, I am encouraged to kneel, draw a fresh circle on some prayers in my life, and keep praying.

Photo by Jeremy Perkins on Unsplash

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