Tickets ! Get your Tickets!

3 BIG Things to do for India 2014

1. Passport expiration check – Done
2. Visa applied for – Done
3. Tickets bought – DONE! (will someone get me a glass of wine please ?! Kidding. Sorta)

You know how you have a “TO DO” list and there are things on it that seem fun and then there are things that seem daunting? Well, that is how steps 1, 2 and 3 were. Actually, Step 1 (from above) was easy. My passport is valid for a few more years 🙂

Step 2 seemed to take every ounce of energy/commitment level just to sit down and fill out the form. Which turned out not to be that terrible despite my grumbling and complaining.

Step 3 was a lot more labor intensive. For Conrad more so than I ..well, he had the task of conversing with the Travel Agent. It just seemed exhausting.

But these steps are done. And now it is on to more support raising and more working for $ for our trip…

But thank you for all who have been praying and supporting us 🙂


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