Turn the corner

Sunday morning, I heard a soft whisper. “Hope is around the corner.” That truth filled my heart. I felt the Lord expound on that with “there is hope around the corner or there is fear. Which corner are you going to turn to. It’s a choice.” We all make choices. Every day. Hit the snooze or just get up. Pancakes or oatmeal.  Fried or grilled. Those are the easy choices. Obviously. Then there are the bigger ones. Discipline in your own life and how to discipline your children. Those are choices.

Your mental attitude. A choice. Be happy. Be mad. Sure, circumstances/life happens. And sometimes life throws you a curve ball. Sometimes things don’t go as you planned or hoped. But it’s the state of mind I am talking about. When you begin to deal with that circumstance or curve ball… When you process what is happening…what is the attitude you are left with. I can stay mad, but really… what good does that do? I am learning how to make the choice to keep my eyes focused on Jesus. The author and perfecter of my faith (Hebrews 12:2).

I am not making light of the fact that there are people who struggle with mental illness. Not at all. I know sometimes feelings can be overwhelming. I’ve dealt with depression and anxiety at some level. I chose to seek help.

But I can’t let the darkness of things that happen in the world overwhelm me. I just can’t. It’s suffocating. I need to train my mind to keep searching for the truth. I am thankful that the Lord and His loving Kindness provide that truth.

I have lately felt like I have been running around in circles. When I feel anxious or stressed, I have this little exercise I do. It’s simple and probably lots of people do it. I stop. Ask the Lord to highlight the stressor. Maybe it’s something that I have to do at work that I am dreading. Maybe it’s something I forgot to get at the store and will now throw dinner plans out the window. Maybe it’s a conversation I had with someone. Whatever it is, the Lord will show me. Then I ask Him to help me in the next step. Once I see the issue, then the “big, overwhelming monster feeling” shrinks. If it’s a task I need to do, then I just make my game plan of how to go about accomplishing it. Sure, there may still be some residual feelings of anxiety that creep up every now and then until I finish the task. But once it’s over, I usually think “what was I so freaked out about?”

This morning as I felt anxiety/fear creep up, I asked the Lord to shine a light. And He did.  “Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.” Proverbs 29:18 KJV   I like the King James version on this one because it’s just so simple. I need simple in my life right now. That’s part 2 of this story… I’ll get to that tomorrow. I have to exercise now or I will begin to feel anxious that I have gotten behind in my day 🙂 It’s a process.

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