Books… I love them!

I renewed my library card this week. Excitement alert!!

I renewed the card, registered to vote (don’t judge), paid my fine (or you can’t renew:) and checked out a few more books. I love books. I asked the librarian if she had read any Dorothy Frank Denton books and she said she had heard of her… But hadn’t had time to read that author.

I turned around to survey the library and said “yep. There sure are a lot of books and not a lot of time.” Then I had a mini panic attack. sooo many books… Sooo little time! I started thinking about all the books and all the authors and it was overwhelming and yet “challenge accepting” at the same time. (Read : “challenge accepted” says Barney – HIMYM- How I Met Your Mother).

I was then thinking of how awesome it would be if my job was to read books. Just sit and read. Wait… isn’t that called an editor? or a Publicist? And if I was one of those, I would probably have to read all kids of books… hmmmm… Note to self: add to my list of “what I want to be for a day.”

I like it!

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