Things that make you go “hmmmmmm”

I woke up early in the morning feeling a bit rested but since a) it was dark and b) I figured it must be middle of the night I just got up to go to the bathroom. So I go back to sleep. Because it’s dark. But I couldn’t  sleep. All the things that I had yet to complete for the month began running around  my head – tag teaming it. I’d think of one. Then Tag- would go to another. I hate tossing and turning and not being able to sleep 🙁

Phil 4:19 popped into my head. “My God shall supply all my needs according to His glorious riches in Christ.” Ah yes thank you Lord for the reminder. And the peace that comes from that. Basically he reminded me that I just need to make my list of things to do and tackle the list in chunks. That made me feel better. But still not sleepy. So after some prayer time, I got up. Because I was wide awake. It was now 4:50am which is doable. I actually laugh now because when I was thinking the other day about visualizing my perfect schedule, I had myself waking up at 4 am, starting a nice yoga routine with prayer to align my day, then coffee quiet time with God before I had to shower and get the kids up. Well, today is no school… MLK day. I wasn’t in need to hurry to embrace my day.

But nonetheless, I had a laugh because here I started to grumble at getting up early, when really God was just helping me start my “perfect schedule.” He was supplying my need to get up!

But what made me go “hmmmm, never thought of it like that before” was when I was thinking of my Kids and how I was really enjoying this new level of connection with them. I am feeling more drawn to them and excited about them and to be with them brings me such joy! Now, I say this because sometimes I would have to fight the urge to just want to read a book or finish something for work rather than play with them. I didn’t like that about myself. So I prayed about it. And I will save this story for a separate blog day…because it needs more..

ANYHOW, I was thinking “wow, God, you have shown me that my children are a part of your ‘glorious riches’ that you have used to ‘supply my need’ regarding motherhood!”

I had never thought of it like that. Sure, I felt they were gifts from the Lord (and well sure… sometimes I felt they were a gift from someone else– and I don’t mean Santa). BUT the Lord continues to develop, strengthen, and deepen my heart for my children. And I am thankful 🙂



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