The sky is blue… or is it

Although it’s Fall Break, I found myself up early today to help the hubby get out the door to work. I made coffee. He left. Kids asleep. Too dark outside to sit and drink my coffee on the deck. So I sat in my comfy chair-and-a-half. Cross legged. Eyes closed. Coffee cup at the ready. Crickets. Actual ones. I hear them through my 20+ yr old single paned out of date windows –(the kind that beckons sales reps from window companies that are “in the neighborhood working.”)

My thought “I appreciate the quiet of the house and my world right now. And I also appreciate the fact that it is not always like this.” Yes. The reality is that I want these quiet moments to be cherished. And sought out. Because it means my children are still small. And home with me making noise, playing cops & robbers or walking the plank as a pirate. Or both at the same time. I used to think “oh, I love quiet and why can’t it be more of this in my day!” But if I had quiet all the time, it would mean I didn’t have the noise makers. And I love those noise makers. I love to be with them. I love my quiet time too…but I need to treasure them. That’s what this season is all about. Noise. And how to make more of it.

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