“But everyone else is doing it?!”

Classic childhood expression. Am I right? Who hasn’t a) said that or b) heard that?

And then the natural classic response “well, if everyone was jumping off of a bridge, would you?”

So why bring this up? Well, it’s what pops into my Brain when I think about how everyone else in the world with health issues seems to be getting their stuff together and blogging their way to health. “Dime a dozen” and “Trending Now” also pop into my brain when I think about the wave of gluten free posts and recipes and thyroid issues and … well you get the idea. (ahem…did you know that WATER is gluten free? Did we REALLY need a label to tell us that?).

No. Not downplaying the issue here. I am just identifying with this thought process: I feel weak when it comes to follow through in this life goal.

Why can’t I be diligent and journal my road to health so “all the world wide web can read like EVERYONE ELSE?”

On second thought.

Why would I want to let anyone see my posts on struggles? Isn’t there already enough to read? I should go deeper here — WHO would read it? WHO would actually stumble on this page and think “wow! I can identify with her. Her struggle. How she handles it. How she succeeded once (read: lost weight and felt great!) Then let go of the reigns (enter Holidays). Then gained it (aka THE POUNDS) all back. And floundered around helplessly for months on end until one day – after googling and researching and seeing others succeed— she too thought “why can’t I do this like everyone else?” Why can’t I go back to my successful ways??— my Clean eating. Paleo eating. Exercising. Water Drinking ways!

Why don’t I just start over. Just START! Make a plan. And DO the plan.

Enter new thought: 5 ways to feel overwhelmed in just 30 seconds.

  1. Get on the WWW and look up how to detox/menu plan
  2. RE-play your success tape. Then
  3. fast forward to the failing part
  4. Question where you are in life
  5. waste more time replaying steps 1-4


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