Day 6: Happy/Healthy

Omigoodness! Since I had to take the car in today, I decided to a) go early and b) walk the 2.2 miles back to my house. Well, walk/jog back. So I did!

It took me about 5 minutes to figure out I could actually combine both dropping off the car & getting my exercise in. That was processed during my shower. Yep. Could have skipped the shower because I took a 2nd shower when I got home. But nonetheless, I felt good about my decision and met my  apple watch exercise goal before 8:15 am!

So that made me happy to take that healthy approach 🙂 And being Saturday, my husband was home to watch the kids so I could go in to work for a little bit. Actually very productive!

We grilled burgers tonight. I of course had no bun. And no cheese. But it was still a great burger 🙂 And I ate fruit while my family ate the ice cream cookie sandwiches I made them. From the Pillsbury ready made dough – it pains me so.. I need to go to Breadbeckers for my wheat refill.

But the bottom line is I DID NOT CHEAT TODAY!!! I took my supplements and drank over 70 oz of water. WOOHOO!!!IMG_3439

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