Day 7,8,9 Happy/Healthy

I’m combining these three days for times sake. A) because I forgot to enter them when they happened and b) I need to move on with my day … It’s been a crazy week and I don’t like trying to play catch up blogging when I am pressed for time 🙂

But I will say that I am learning about how to mentally prep myself for the day. It seems that lately I have been battling a lot of fear. Fear of the unknown.

More on that in another post…but I wanted to just take time to comment that it’s late. I’m tired. I have had many thoughts come and go over what  should or should not do at this moment.

But like I said, I am tired. And I want to atleast journal this down:

Today was a great day. I took Kayle to White Water for a friend’s birthday party. It was really fun and I enjoyed watching Kayle interact with the other boys and I was excited to get to know the family a little more. I could see Kayle staying friends with him and it just made me happy 🙂

I am going to stop here because I will get incoherent in a few….


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