Gift paradigm shift

Just now, I was sipping my iced coffee, eyes closed, trying to recall -without looking- the beauty around me. These Gifts, if you will.

Being “in this moment.”

Me, relaxing in my chair, reading the LMAL book (which I am totally convinced she wrote for me at this season of my life), and soaking in the quiet. My mental list of what is happening: Kombucha started. Chickpeas in the crockpot (dinner). quiet. sunshine. cool room. I am happy.  A gift. 

Pulling out my journal, I began thinking of how God gave me an idea to help with a spreadsheet I was working on. So I jotted it down. (Wow! Thanks, God.)  And then I was thinking about how it is ok to tweak my schedule to allow for things that bring joy to my life. Next, my thoughts traveled to the days I needed to be in the office vs.  the days I didn’t. And what I could do on each day.

See, I am a creature of habit. And also a freak about “is this ok for me to do, God? Is it your plan for me? Does it make you happy, Lord?” So here, “change” makes an entrance.

Change and I are acquaintances. Not really much in common so we don’t hang out often. But I am realizing that maybe I need to make room for Change. So I invite change over. Move things around on the schedule to make the day more fun — even maximize the day. See, for the longest time, I didn’t have a plan. I just flew by the seat of my pants. Without attention to the bigger picture.

So then I started writing about how my husband had asked me for help blogging for a project he is launching. And when he originally asked, I was like “where am I going to find the time to help him with this? Is this really something that is what I need to do at this time?” Actually, he asked me about a year ago when this project just started to become an actual plan. And then again a months ago because it is a few tweaks away from launching. And then I remembered how God has been prepping me to “act like the blogger I want to be.” But I wasn’t really taking my husband seriously with the recent ask because, again, where was I supposed to put this time?

Lightbulb moment: Just now as I was talking with God, He opened up ideas to me of how to plan my week out. Here is the is the lightbulb: I told God I wanted to blog, right. My husband asked me to help with his blog. I could honor my husband by helping him and in return, this would honor God.

I began thanking God. For His gifts.

Up until this point I had been journaling. And thinking it would be faster to type.

I closed my eyes.

Thanking God for his gift of Himself, the quiet, an iced coffee and feeling happy and I had a thought of how Gifts from God aren’t always things. Sometimes it’s friendships. Sometimes it’s His Joy. Peace. Patience. Kindness. As in Gifts of the Spirit. And sometimes, it is just plain ol’ time. At that point, I felt a release in my soul. Sobs. The gift of time speaks volumes to me.

I started to write all this down but it was coming too fast — like a dam about to burst. I ran to my computer.

He is giving me the gift of time to get my health, my family, my home in order. This season of rest is physical and spiritual. And rest doesn’t necessarily mean sitting on the couch or rocking in a chair and reading. Though I LOVE that time. It can also mean, doing things that I enjoy that fill my spirit. Like Kombucha. Fermenting Veggies. These are things on my list of Healthy choices.

The gift of Time. My soul cries out with a resounding YES!


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