Glimpse of Heaven

For me, my morning worship was just that. A glimpse of Heaven! It was incredible!!! Wanted it to go on and on… just like in Heaven when we will be worshipping the Risen King for all eternity! I didn’t want to leave my place.

As much as I love what God has given me on earth; as much as I am thankful for my family and friends— I am also thankful for moments like this when Heaven wraps around me like a blanket. When my body feels like  there is so much of Jesus being poured in that I am about to implode. It’s a time for preparing. Quiet time, that is. A time for God to prepare you for whatever is going to happen that day. Week. Month. Year. Etc. It was as if God was filling me to overflowing. A much needed time with Jesus today.

Two new songs added to my playlist this morning totally blew me away. My hope and excitement for this year and what God is doing totally resonated in these songs. I have to share them:

God who moves the Mountains”- Dustin Smith, Healing Project

Fight for Me” – Dustin Smith, Healing Project

Turn up the volume. Check out the lyrics. And just sing.

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