How to win at Life

That title popped into my head. Like I have the corner market on how to win at life! ha ha h a a a oh wait.. I do have an idea. Set yourself up for success. Basic step: Get with God. That’s my bottom line go to. If I need to know “who” I am and “what” I am about (my life purpose) and therefore how to “win at it”, I need to go to God. To me, that should be the no brainer part. But why does it not come so automatically?

My word for this year is: Reflection.

Looking back on how I got to where I am today. Through past journals. Pictures. Old blogs. etc. Sitting before God. Asking him to download the truth to me. Asking him to download the next steps. He promises to “direct my path.” So why don’t I just start there?

In blogging, I enfold a piece of the puzzle. I gather my intel. I find enjoyment in thinking that my piece of life puzzle may help someone else with their puzzle piece.

In blogging, I feel like I am making an effort to “go forward” in my life.

For example, what is it that I want to “win” at today in life? Well, for starters: Meal planning.   I want to take the guess work and stress out of it. So today:

  1. I prepped some sausage and last night I prepped the sweet potatoes. Together they will make the base of our breakfast hash.
  2. I looked through a Paleo slow Cook cook book and found some recipes to try. I made a note of the prep steps (day before, night before, day of). Writing it down helped lay out the plan.

And that is the baby step for today.

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