“I know a guy…”

Instead of finishing my small treadmill routine (“cough, cough” on the routine word) I saw a message in my email regarding a new post from a friend from church. An update on his health. And it looks like no new awe inspiring wisdom or light on his condition at this point. He’s trying to figure out why he’s experiencing several weird issues. Lots of “humph. Beats me” medical verdicts.

I am frustrated for him.  And yet encouraged to keep fighting back on my own health issues. For me, I know what’s going on and I know the cause. And how to help it. Like countless other American’s, I have a thyroid condition. Hashimoto’s to be exact. And I know that food does play a big part on how I feel. How my body responds. But it is doggone hard to stay the course with food. Why? Well, that’s another blog. All this to say that I am encouraged to pick myself up and start doing what I know. To help my health. Step 1: finish treadmill time for today. Step 2: Pray for my friend.


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