I’m at the big table this year!

The women’s retreat is here! Super excited about it. This year I am on the Women’s Team so I got to go up a day early for set up. This is why I joined the team! The feeling is equivalent to when you are finally old enough to sit at the “big table” at Holiday Meals.

Usually I am excited about the retreat. Not just to get a change of scenery. Or to not have to be depended on. But to actually have no other excuse but to reflect and just be with Jesus. And breathe.

And this year I got to write the cards! THE CARD is my favorite thing about the retreat, really. I mean, the food is amazing. True, True! And the Lake house is awe-enormous. But the handwritten card by Susan O’Brien was my favorite thing. And it was place on the bed, next to little goodies. Each year the goodies changed. But there was always THE CARD. But God has Susan doing other things with other churches now. And so this year,  I got to write the cards. Which was an exciting yet humbling experience. Because for some of these women, they had been here before and had received THE CARD from Susan. But this year they are getting one from me. Well, not me. From God through me. But still. Big shoes to Fill is what I thought in my mind. And it almost kept me from writing them.

But God has re-kindled a flame for hiding his word in my heart through this experience. I have enjoyed praying for these women and asking the Lord for a little nugget of encouragement for them.

I just pray, in some small way, that it brings a joy to their heart like Susan’s cards did to mine. 🙂

To God be the Glory!


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