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Some days you get up super inspired to start the day. So ready to jump into the day that you start your blog in your head. And mine was going much better than it is now.

I got up with my husband who has been doing really awesome getting up early and going to the gym. That helps me to get up and start my happy place quiet time and treadmill series. But today, words kept filling my brain. So I am here. Before the others. But I have coffee today.

Anyhow, I was thinking today I would just jot down things that make me happy. Why? Because if youare am not happy, then I am less likely to get things done. Now, I understand that not every moment of the day can be happy. Or can it? I mean I know “poop” happens…and life has moments where things are not pleasant, but that’s not why I am starting this post. It’s just to remind me to think of things that increase those serotonin levels. Things that motivate me to keep going in life.

Exhibit A: Exercise – Which apparently I have officially checked off my list because I just got a reminder on my computer to exercise from 6 days ago! I have a treadmill and I have been on it pretty much daily for the past 2 weeks. Just 20 minutes is the goal. I want to do more, but I tell myself “just get on the thing for 20 minutes” —and it ends up a little longer 🙂

B: Reading up on health

C: blogging

D: Fun reading

E: organizing – Yes. It does make me feel happy. But I feel life is so chaotic at times because of my obvious disorganization. So I crave it. And when I start to organize things, I feel clean and refreshed! And then 5 minutes into that, I have to stop and do something else because when the mood hits me to organize, it’s usually 5 minutes before I have to take the kids somewhere or make dinner. Or the mood hits when I am out and about and “oh I can’t wait to get home” and when I do — too tired. Mood zapped.

What makes your list?


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