Laying down the weary stuff

“Come to me all who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11:28).

That’s a biblical promise. So you can take that to the bank! But do you ever reflect upon your “weary and heavy laden” and compare it to the next gals “weary and heavy laden”?  I mean, seriously. In the grand scheme of things, surely my fear bubble over the things that I need to “adult about” today do not warrant laying down when there starving children in Africa.

Does anyone else guilt themselves with the starving children in Africa? Eat all your peas! There are starving children in Africa.

Sound familiar?

Please forgive me if I sound callous. Not my intention here. I believe in helping starving children in Africa and all over the world. I believe in helping anyone who is starving physically and spiritually. I also think that if I let myself believe that I can’t take my stuff to Jesus because of how I view the next person’s stuff, then it’s a false sense of pride. And you know how that turns out?

Therefore, if we believe that Jesus died for all then he died for all. For all to have the chance to enter into his rest. And if he says to come and bring whatever is keeping you from that rest, then you better high tail it to him. And as for the comparison trap? As you probably well know, it just one tactic from the enemy of our souls to keep us from that wonderful rest.

So, if you are like me and are mentally struggling with bringing all your stuff to Jesus, then let us help each other out by encouraging each other to bring it all to Jesus. Surrender. it.  all. Lay it all at his feet. And then turn to the next one struggling and encourage her. Because laying all our stuff down helps us to take all that Jesus has for us.

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