Not enough hours in the day… or is there? (Happy/Healthy Do Over Day 2)

This whole summer I have been struggling with filling up my week with hours at work. Because I am focused on the paycheck and meeting my commitment to my employer. Oops, that last part should come first, right?! However it never fails that the end of the school year brings stress wondering how I am going to meet the needs of my job and my kids.
After making it through the summer and now thinking that the school year will bring back my routine, I realize there is still a struggle. I am needed more at school – which is what I want- but also, I am needed more at home. Literally. It is such a mess I can’t stand it. And there are some projects that really need my attention that I need to do when the kids are at school. It’s like this stress cycle.

The wonderful thing is that my husband offers to help. And he does help. I shared with him awhile back (which was a huge feat in itself) my stress/struggle and he said he would help with what needs to be done. He is also motivated to help me so that I don’t crash and burn and I get my hours in at work too.

This week was the first full week back at school and I had my plan to be at work and meet my hours. And then I forgot Rylynn’s lunch. So I had to go back home and get it. Why didn’t I just give money for a school lunch? I processed that and came up with it would be better for me to go home. But now I realize, I should have just paid the money for a school lunch and ran to Publix for the snack. The upside is that I can now put that in my bank of “things to do when you forget your kids lunch”. Next time I won’t have to think “should I go home and get it?” The answer will be – do what is less stressful.

This is so not where I was going today … I wanted to write about how instead of focusing on what goes wrong in a day, I want to focus on what goes right. Instead of focusing on the things the kids do that irritate me, I am going to focus on did I spend time with them and make them laugh? What things did we do together today?

So as I pick back up with my Happy/Healthy, I will say this:
my happy: finding times in the day to laugh and play
my healthy: focusing on those above times

yep, that will do for now 🙂

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