Times up

Why is it that every time I get energy to start a project, something inevitably gets in the way? I think it is a result of my lack of planning. Last night I had some downtime. So I thought I would take advantage and try to look up some recipes for this week. Mind you it was a half hour before I wanted to go to bed and the recipes I was looking up were in my AIP Bundle— downloaded on, of course, the computer. So I turn on the computer. But lo and behold I see the All-Star student achievers tickets I am supposed to order by 6/30. So I figure now is as good a time as any. Short story, 30 minutes later and I was frustrated because it wasn’t showing that it took off the price for the 2 complimentary tickets. Wasted time to me. And I hate wasting time. Time is a precious commodity. I need to learn how to maximize it. So instead of going to bed at the appropriate time, I figured I might as well look up some recipes. Which then became frustrating because now it was getting late and I was realizing that this activity is going to take longer than 30 minutes. Poor planning. That drives me crazy!

So I am back to where I started. Another day. Time is ticking away. I need to learn from this and just make my schedule. Bite the bullet!

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