Who do I want to be…

At present, this is day 23 of Quarantine for most of us. Still, there is a long way to go. I’m waiting for my homemade bread to toast so I can toss some cinnamon on it. (Hold the sugar, thank you!) So while I am waiting, thoughts of “when this whole Shelter in Place/Quarantine is all said and done, what memories do I want to look back on? That I binge watched “Private Practice” on Netflix? That I finally read all those books I towering on my nightstand like a medieval fortress?”

Well, kinda. BUT, I also want to look back and say “I was the kind of person who played games with my family and got creative with them.” And, “we prayed together as a family. I encouraged them to pray for others.” Above all, I want to say “I met someone’s needs. I encouraged someone. I prayed for our country, world, family, friends…” I want to know that I did my part by staying at home. Or if I did have to run out (for toilet paper and eggs) that I wore my mask. Above all else, I want to remember the times I prayed silently, on my knees; read the scriptures for hope and encouragement; praised God for who HE is; stood firm in the knowledge that He is still on His throne; rejoiced in the reality that more people are seeing God’s love through random acts of kindness.


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