Ode to Joy

What brings you joy? Just name like 3 things that bring some level of happiness to your life. Go. Anything coming to your mind?

Well… share them if you will. Because I am going to share mine. For starters, Pinterest. It brings me joy. When “Pintresting” first materialized, I avoided it. Like the plague.

But I am ADDICTED. I’ve learned to control my addictions. I give myself allotted time to browse the site and eventually start doing some of the things I’ve pinned. But for the most part it’s just me, pinning, and grinning! Because it makes me happy!

Anyhow, I digress. I came her today to confess that it is a struggle to stop once I’ve started pinning. I just love the set up. The ease. I’ve decided to schedule time to review some of my pins and to tackle them. Like today. I just printed out a list that I pinned.  It’s from “Busy Creating Memories” and it is a great checklist for teaching kids how to clean their bedroom.

So now that I have printed it, I need to laminate it or put it into one of those clear plastic covers. Either way, I’ve done something.

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