Snack Basket in Fridge

For my “Pinterest of the week” last week, I chose to start a snack basket the fridge for school lunches. I know this will be a simple post, but when you are trying to make better choices in life, sometimes it takes the smallest win to keep you going. To give credit where credit is due, here is the Pinterest Link.

Objective: to help make lunch making a bit easier.
Step 1: buy carrots
Step 2: immediately cut them up and put a select amount in snack baggies
Step3: place in fridge

Easy, I know. But I am trying to form good habits this year and making the snack basket for lunches helped a ton getting ready. And that was  a huge win for me!

Overall object met =  WIN!

Next week: Continue with snack basket in fridge and have a snack basket in pantry.

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