It’s a lot harder than it looks

Dear Diary,

In my mind, I saw myself flittering away at the keyboard — effortlessly broadcasting streams of thought as they popped in my head. Capturing the moment. Humorously.

Screeeech! (enter crickets). Nothing is coming to my head… except “that’s a typo. Fix. it.”

Why did I want to blog again? (I know that sounded like I “blogged” before.)

It all started when I read something on the 750 words site about just getting thoughts down on paper –aka, the keyboard… first thing. fresh. just type. That is the starter kit recipe for writing, right? Wrong.

At least I don’t think so. I mean, I am focusing more on “will anyone read this” and “do I want to just type and not worry about spelling at first and then go back and proof because that is what is slowing me down.” (Type a word, backspace backspace.)

The last time I was blogging was to document my brief business independence. My Mary Kay journey. At least the journey lasted longer than the blog 🙂 But nonetheless, it’s time for a blog “makeover”—  pun totally Intended.

So I am going to stop here. Because I can. And regain speed tomorrow 🙂

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