Day 1 of Happy Healthy: Take 2

Why take 2? Did I fall off the wagon already? Well, let me explain. Remember when I wanted to have my last cheat day of coffee and I had that cupcake instead? Ok, so yesterday I keep thinking how I didn’t have that cup of coffee and it kept playing over and over in my mind. So as I went to the store yesterday, I just kept going to Starbucks to use my gift card. And I am actually glad I did. Because I ended up really liking my iced white chocolate mocha with whipped cream on top! My stomach hurt later that evening, but I was glad I mentally got that out of the way. That ended up being the “happy” part of the day.

Now today I feel good and ready to “not cheat”. Since my appt will still be in time to heal, I feel like I got those few days to help me mentally prepare.

So today, I woke up ready to face the day. I had my apple cider vinegar and then my hot lemon water. I don’t know which is harder to swallow.

Yesterday I made  Beef & Butternut Stew from my fave AIP cookbook . It was AMAZING! And quite fun 🙂  That was the healthy part of yesterday.

Today’s healthy: Eating my stew, exercising, and a walk
Today’s happy: spending time with my husband. Weather permitting, I will combine the two 🙂

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