Follow through

That is my weakness. Have an idea? Check.

Plan it out? in process. Stuck. In limbo.

I crave organization but I don’t know how to get there. I have so many things on my list that I am interested in tackling.  Such as:

Healthy eating (self and family). This includes meal planning. Which therefore entails looking up recipes.

Financial planning (get out of debt) – waiting on the Leaf Refund

Spending time with my kids this summer (pool, park, movies- check) Need to review our list

and there are actually more here. I am just getting distracted.

I did write them all down in a notebook.

Anyhow, the biggest area I have tackled so far is eating, exercising, and spending time with my kids. These all have proven harder than I thought. What’s hard about spending time with the kids? Well, spending time with them means I have to give up other things on my “To Do” list. And while I know they are worth the time spent, my mind has a hard time adjusting.


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