Half way there

I’ve seen many movies in my life and I often joke about how being forgetful lets me see many of those for the first time, again. But then there are many that I simply have fallen asleep through. Then there are some which I simply just stopped watching.

The bottom line is I am left out of the loop when I fall asleep or stop watching. And my opinion of that movie may be incomplete. Take “It’s A Wonderful Life” for example. For the longest time I would chime in  “I don’t like that movie” [reason escapes me]. Then I watched it with family [to be a good sport]. And I did NOT fall asleep. I realized at that moment that I had never seen the whole movie! And my opinion of the movie changed. I liked it! Because I saw the WHOLE THING and could then make an opinion on the whole movie.

So here is my point. Today I was reading about Anna the prophetess in Luke 2:37. I have heard this part before so it wasn’t totally new. But I never read her entire 3 verse story. Or rather, I had forgotten [?]. Anyhow, I kept reading in Luke and was then thinking about the Bible as a whole. A compilation of facts. It then dawned on me that was feeling left out on a good bit of it because I simply have not read it. I was out of the loop. Sure, there are parts that you naturally want to skip (Matthew 1:1-16 names of Jesus lineage— which IS important. I get it. There is a reason to show the lineage. But still…for the average reader zzzzzz).

And for those who have suffered through reading the Bible in it’s entirety…hats off to you. I applaud you [clap, clap, clap]. Now, why did I say suffered through? Do I mean it in the sense that it is some chore? Nope. Not really. But, it is hard work to sit and read. And digest. That’s why many simply don’t do it. But the reward– the payoff — to me is great. I realize I need to re-evaluate some priorities in my life. And one of those is reading about where I came from. My story. How I fit into this great Big plan of God’s.

(Small comparison here). In a way,  the beauty of re-watching a movie that you kinda forgot parts of makes it new again. Since the Word of God is alive and active, reading the bible over again is like seeing it for the first time in a new light.



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