Happy Healthy Day 8/21

It’s true. Without Vision, people perish. Trying to keep up with a blog about what makes me happy/ what healthy things am I doing/working toward has pointed me in a good direction, but I still get off track. I have no vision.

I was starting to get disappointed in myself for testing certain foods and failing. Ex: The slice of pizza from last week. I knew that would not end up well for me physically. But mentally, I knew that is exactly what I needed. And I tested milk chocolate. Both reactions were headache, sinus like symptoms… as if I were coming down with a cold. But then the next day, I kept up with testing things I knew were bad. Cookies. Though I didn’t really have a reaction to them, I just felt like I needed to stop eating them because they are on the overall “NO NO” list. The wheat ones, that is.

I have discovered that if I do not keep the right foods on hand to eat, then I just back slide. And then I feel worse about myself. Especially when my friends starting trying to eat healthy and are making great strides. The whole I have dug, I keep digging,

And then I remembered that I can start all over. I just need to plan what I eat and stick with the plan. I need to have healthier options of food on hand for the times when I get crazy and will want to back slide.

My goal is to get back on track. That’s my happy/healthy day 🙂

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