Just Blog it

New year. New time to try blogging again. Right?

It’s always tough to get over jet lag. But once you are home, it sometimes works in your favor because you are up early and feeling like you can get stuff done. Like unpack. And do laundry. Or catch up on blogging.

2014 saw me Pinterest”ing” more. I am addicted. I have decided to try to accomplish one Pinterest item a day. Or a week. Realistic goal. Lots of healthy food entries posted and that will be my priority this year. 

January’s goal is just re-entry.

– job (lots to do before the Jan 31 deadline)

-back to school (we have a Kindergarten project due this week so that means we have to start it today!). Uniform washing, lunch prep, meal prep in general

-unpack and organize house.

That sounds pretty good. I mean, those right above will be huge. Coming off of 3 weeks of having all your meals handed to you and not having to pack lunches … uh yeah… that will be the most difficult. At least with the job, I was working during the 3 weeks so that re-entry would be smoother.

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